Make in India
hoox Anti-Theft Backpack

Your perfect travel buddy!

Smart Bag has a number of features to suit the modern traveler. From USB-Port to Anti-theft Zipper Pockets, it is the smartest bag you can get your hands on!


Use Smart Bag to carry all your expensive electronic gadgets with ease. The USB Port makes charging while traveling convenient. Just plug in with your cord to start charging instantly. The soft padding material, weight balancing ergonomic design and safety features ensure maximum comfort and style.


The Smart Bag is water-resistant and has an anti-sweat, air permeable material at the back for comfort. The bag is designed to balance weight equally with maximum storage capacity. A radium road strip, luggage strap, and double stitch design add extra protection to the utility.

hoox anti-theft backpack

Technology-enabled Backpack

Hoox Smart Bag has its own USB charging port for smartphones. Handsfree feature added for maximum convenience. The double-stitch and anti-theft inside zipper allow safe storage of valuable items.